With Sandy: Accepted to HBS, GSB and MIT!!! 

Thats what you get from working with the best consultant! He will not magically get you admitted to those schools; instead he will offer you an honest appraisal and his unparalleled experience to help you exploit your true strengths and passions.   

He is an extremely honest and the most blatant guy Ive ever worked with even to the point that sometimes his satirical comments makes you want to punch him in the face; but that was his job! You hired him to help you get into your dream schools, not to hear any consolation words. Joking aside, he is a true professional and genuinely cares about your success, a thing that I respect so much about the guy. Regardless of his method, Im 1000% sure his way is effective and working. When you read all his comments again, you will realize deep down that all he said were true. If you man up and accept those brutal facts like I did, youll end up like me!