Susan O’Keefe

Susan O’Keefe

Susan has worked at HBSGURU for 7 years and is an old hand at doing B school apps for top schools such as HBS, Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg and Booth.

Susan graduated from Chicago Booth in 2003 and has worked on Wall Street in the areas of Equity Research and Hedge Fund due diligence.

Below are some testimonials from some of her happy customers:

Greg: Thank you so much for your help. Columbia’s Dean of Admissions actually used the word “flawless” to describe my essays when he called to tell me that I was admitted.

Alan: I got into Sloan! Thanks for all of your help and patience…

Amer : Thanks for all your help Susan. The CBS adcom lady who called to tell me I was admitted, said that I was a very unorthodox admit but they loved my essays.

Aaron: Susan, I was accepted to HBS! Thanks for all your help. I could not have done it without you.

Jenny: Susan – I just got the interview invitation from HBS!!! I am freaking out a bit right now haha…thank you for all of your help getting me to this point. I know it’s just a first step, but I’m so happy that I got a chance. I have no words right now…just thank you, thank you so much.

Mark: I just got the email! I have been officially admitted to the MIT Sloan class of 20XX. This is the best Christmas present! Thanks for all your help. Your advice has been invaluable.

Long: Hi Susan – hope you had a great thanksgiving weekend. I just wanted to let you know that I have been accepted to CBS. Thank you for your help!

Steve: Got into HBS AND Stanford!! What are the odds??!!! Thank you so much for all your help!!!

Ben: I got in to HBS !!!! So excited. Thanks so much for all your help and for putting up with me!

Max: I got into Booth!. Thank you for your help along this process – I really appreciate the input you had for me along the way and am very excited to be going to Chicago!

Nicolai: Susan, thank you for all of your guidance through the application process. I’m looking forward to joining CBS class of 20XX!

Matt: Thanks again for all your help going 2/2 on applications! Do you think I should go to Booth or Columbia?? Ha Ha…High quality problem…

Anna: Susan, I’m in at HBS!! Cannot believe it. Could not have done it without you!

Tom: Good news – I was accepted into MIT and have an interview with Columbia next week.  Thanks again for all of your help along the way.  The writing skills and ideas you taught me were definitely helpful for these applications. 

Ross: Hope you’re well – just wanted to let you know that I was admitted to Wharton last Thurs! Thanks again for all your help!

Long: I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I have decided to go with CBS (also got an offer from Booth). You played a big part in all of this. Thank you!!!

Elena: Thank you so much for your help editing essays for Columbia Business School! I just got an acceptance email from them! I greatly appreciate your hard work and  organized, straight to the point and insightful comments on essays. Would definitely recommend you to my friends who consider applying for a business school. Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

Maryam: I got accepted to Booth! Very happy. Thank you!

Tanya: I wanted to let you know that I got admission offers from Chicago Harris, Columbia SIPA, Michigan Ford, Georgetown McCourt, CMU Heinz and Syracuse. Thank you for all your help and guidance! 🙂 

Dipali: I got accepted at MIT, thank you so much!

Lucas: Just wanted to let you know, Wharton decided to make me an offer I can’t refuse. Call came at 8.20pm Singapore time (7.20am Eastern), which was very thoughtful of them. Looking forward to getting the formal letters and stuff later, and planning to send in my deposit ASAP. Couldn’t have done without you!

Alex: Admitted to Stanford!!!!!! Susan – thank you very very much for your help! Couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Abdulaziz: I did indeed hear from Chicago and we got in 🙂 I decided to stick with Wharton, and I honestly could not be happier. I’m so excited!! Thank you so much for all your help…….

Kristen: Got into Kellogg!!! Thanks for all your help…I’m beside myself!!!

Paul: Got the call! I’m in at Wharton/Lauder Thank you so much for everything, including the much needed moral support. I hope we can eventually meet in person and I can give you a proper thank you.