Sandy is worth the investment!

Please feel free to add this to the pile of emails that sing your praises. You know how great you are, but to all the people reading these testimonials wondering if Sandy is worth the investment, I add my vote with a resounding yes. HBS has been a life long dream and I just found out it will become a reality. 

What exactly did Sandy help me do? Pick out the golden nuggets of my story. As the person who had ‘lived’ all the stories, it was hard to select which anecdotes came across the most powerful or impressive to the adcom. 

Similarly, once you have the prose on paper you are not the best person to cut the useless words just as a parent isnt the person to cut off a child’s superfluous limb. You need an outsider to come in, cut unnecessary parts and point out areas where you need to elaborate in order to hit home certain points the adcom wants to read. Sandy knows what the adcom is looking for. You only think you do.