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How to Survive the Waitlist

B-School News
by Kerry Miller

You’ve been waitlisted at your top B-school choice. What do you do now? The answers vary by school, but hard sells rarely work anywhere

Imagine spending months putting together a B-school application and waiting 8 to 12 weeks for a decision then omes a decision that isn’t really a decision at all. You’re on the waitlist.

It you find it confusing, you’re not alone. As with many aspects of the B-school admissions process, there are no uniform rules for how to proceed. You could sit back and wait for the school of your choice, actively market yourself to the waitlisting school, or move on to Plan B.

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At many B-schools, your level of enthusiasm about remaining on the waitlist can also be important. “At Columbia, MIT, and Tuck, it’s like fraternity rush,” says admissions consultant Sanford Kreisberg of Cambridge Essay Service. “Just another test of whether you deeply fit in or not.”