Thanks for the great help with my HBS app. I’m thrilled. 

The essay advice and editing was pivotal for the incredibly open-ended prompt. I used another one of the large consulting firms for Stanford, and fled to Sandy for my HBS app. You can see the difference — rejected from Stanford and HBS-admitted. You steered me away from dumb ideas and helped me find the right stories. Priceless. It took less of my time (and yours) to write a better essay than working with the big firm. Your blunt and rapid feedback was the best.

The mock interview was an eye-opener. I had prepared very canned responses to the question list and you immediately dinged me for being inauthentic. Your ding prevented me from being dinged during the real thing. 

If I had to say Sandy’s #1 value add it would be understanding the kind of stories HBS wants to hear, but his interview prep is a close second.