Sandy is the BEST – In the end I got into S&H

Sandy is the BEST. Look no further for someone to work with. I did all of my research beforehand on the many sources available but ultimately chose Sandy and he was everything I could have hoped for (seriously). 

Sandy is a no bullshit type of guy. I would cringe every time I had to read his comments because he ripped apart everything I wrote or said. He likes to write in giant CAPS LOCKS, so comments might seem extra harsh, but it works. He gets straight to the point and provides unbeatable advice. Sandy was always quick to respond. I never had to wait more than 24 hours. When he is away, he gives you full notice beforehand.

It was great that Sandy was available throughout the process from start to finish. We spoke only once over the phone and that was in the very beginning. In one hour he asked all the questions that he needed and understood my story perfectly. From then on we communicated via email and it worked well. At first, you might be skeptical that the hour on the phone is all you need but it really is. He gets you and your story and has the process nailed down. 

Beyond the essays, Sandy is very thorough. His mock interview is super helpful. He will go through a list of questions and rip apart your answers. You can also email him with follow-ups on various questions and responses that you are struggling with. Lastly, he will even look over the short answers in your app. You can ask him any question you want; but be warned, if it is a dumb question, he will let you know its dumb. 

The best part about working with Sandy is his honesty. He gets to the point and doesnt sugarcoat anything. Your responses will get ripped apart over and over, but thats the process and it works. Dont doubt Sandy.  

In the end I got into S&H. I cant thank Sandy enough!