I got into HBS thanks to the help from Sandy throughout the entire application process! 

 Right at the beginning, Sandy knows the admission process inside out and knows which schools are looking for what kind of candidates. He can give you the best assessment on your school choices and application strategy.  

In terms of application execution, Sandy is very professional and sharp. He knows which part of your application to highlight and how to address the weakness in your application.  I like how he doesnt sugar-coat his message and his candid, direct approach, making the communication process very efficient. Sandy is also very efficient that he usually has a fast turn-around in 24-48 hours. 

When it comes to mock-interview, Sandy is truly the expert. He knows the usual pitfalls to avoid and he knows all type of potential questions based on candidates background. In addition, he has a huge database of past real interview questions from his previous clients, making your preparation process much easier. 

I recommend anyone who is serious considering using a consultant to go with Sandy, you cant go wrong with that!