I decided to work with Sandy for my Stanford app and used a one-time sanity check for my HBS app

The one consistent theme I read online about him is that he will kick your ass and does not sugarcoat his feedback. This is 100% true. My early drafts were bad and his comments were offensively direct. What I appreciated though, was that even when I sent in a bad draft, he was very specific about why certain paragraphs were ineffective. He never told me what to write, but after each draft I had a clearer picture of what my personal story was and what stories would best illustrate it. I went through eight drafts of the main “What matter most” essay before Sandy and I were both satisfied. I’m not sure that every consultant would have had the same patience and have maintained as high a standard (as opposed to saying after the third draft, “this is probably good enough, let’s just edit it a bit and submit”).