You were worth every penny – I went to the right guy

Hey Sandy,

I got into MIT/Sloan!!! Thanks so much for your help! The formula you gave me was perfect and exactly what they wanted – mapping out my career path, outlining my goals, and overall, packaging myself into a promising candidate. I certainly didn’t fit their mold as an ideal candidate but you helped me market myself well enough to get my foot in the door for an interview.

I had plenty of semi-good stories but wasn’t sure what worked. You helped me strip out everything extraneous, keep the good, real stuff, and expand on that. More importantly, you helped me separate myself from the pack and sound interesting and unique.

You gave me feedback instantly and were real and honest with your responses. One thing I needed was tough, critical editing and you provided just that.

Overall, I’d say you were worth every penny. I went to the right guy.
Thanks so much