Sandy’s help was critical my getting accepted at michigan. i don’t have great academics (3.4 state school) or gmat (650). what i did have was superb experience in consulting, from markets in europe, south america, far east, and south e. asia.

my problem was that, as an intl applicant, i did not know:

a) what the adcoms were looking for in the essays, b) how to maximize my chances of getting in by correlating my past to my future to make the mba a logical step, and c) most importantly – how to write the essays to really bring out my unique experiences (my ‘only’ strengths)

clearly, without sandy’s constructive bullets, i would NEVER have been accepted.

i applied to michigan, kellogg, and columbia. so far admit at michigan, wait list at columbia, and no word from wharton (ding most likely).

so , an eloge to sandy, he’s worth it, especially if you’re unsure about your potential in writing the right essays.