Sandy absolutely knows HBS

I worked with Sandy for my application to HBS and if there’s only one thing that I’d say for him, that is he absolutely knows HBS, to the point that I thought maybe he was kind of an insider. Joking aside, I believe I made the right decision with going with him for my application, considering HBS was the only school that I applied to and forunately, got in. 

What separates Sandy aside are 2 things. Firsy, his ability to put together a real solid story from who you are starting from the first conversation you have with him. He knows what parts of your story would make you more competitive and helps you stand them out and really polish them. Second, and more importantly, is his interview advice. After having completed an interview session with him,  I really felt my real interview was like a repeat interview, especially considering that he guessed 80%+ of the questions that would be asked to me.

One caveat. He is harsh if he thinks that you’re not doing a good job and putting your 100% in. This can make you feel bad at times, while pushing you to do better. If you’re not used to being told “Cut the crap” or things like that, think once again 🙂 Overall can’t recommend Sandy enough. If you want HBS, he is the one to go to.