Phenomenal coach

I have worked with Sandy on the usual suspects:  Harvard/Wharton/Columbia. Intend to use him for Stanford application as well.

I have been using the version feature of MSWord and when I look at my first cut to the finished essay on pretty much any of the questions, the following are apparent

1. The essay is crisp and to the point. 2. Feels personal and is personal.

Sandy does not write your essays – you do, but he is a phenomenal coach. Even outside of the bschool focus, you do get drilled on a winning writing style.

Yes, Sandy’s sense of humor could be an acquired taste for a few but my s.o. and I have really been hooked on his (in fact sometimes eagerly await !) his sardonic/caustic/pungent remarks. If you are the touchy feely, can’t handle criticism variety don’t bother with Sandy.

My s.o. is a practicing lawyer (JD/MBA from Chicago) and she was dead on the money when she guessed that Sandy was a lawyer… her claim is that lawyer’s are the best editors.