It is my pleasure to write a testimonal for you:


I decided to work with Sandy on my HBS application after visiting the  “yet another MBA blog from Joey” by chance.  I had read the testimonals on Sandy’s ownwebsite before, but I was skeptical whether  those were true testimonals.  Of course, I never expected I would be writing one myself several months later.  But I had no doubt that Joey’s Feb 2004 review on MBA admission consultants was a voice from a true client, so I was convinced.

Now I am admitted to HBS. And I am happily writing a testimonal myself.  

Sandy knows HBS. He knows what would make a good story for HBS andwhat type of persons HBS are looking for. He gave me great help on picking up stories for each essay.  Every round of the edits, he  pushed me to a new level. From the edits he returned to me, I could  clearly tell the efforts he himself put to my essays.   When I  prepared for my interview, I received a comprensive list of interview  advices and past questions that Sandy had compiled for his clients. 

He also called me to help me practice. It really helped my interview.Sandy’s service is very efficient.  I don’t know how he managed it, but the essay turnaround time was usually only 24 – 48 hours.  He was super fast on answering my questions (usually just a couple of hours).

This was very important because he made me feel that I could really  depend on him.

When I signed on with Sandy, I truly signed on with a partner, a  coach, who has a genuine interest in my success.  I actually have a different opinion from other people who think Sandy is blunt and  critical (Maybe I heard this too much and prepared myself very well for his criticism?).  During my application process, Sandy encouraged  me and kept telling me not to over worry.  I really come to like Sandy the person, not just his service.