I’m in at MIT


I’ve finally got good news — I’m in at MIT!

O, God, it happened.

After ding from Harvard, ding after interview from Wharton, call (!) from Don Martin about WaiList, interview with him and another ding from Chicago, I FINALLY MANAGED THIS RESULT.

I followed your advice of arranging a campaign and get support letters from two more recommeders, alumnae in Moscow (thanks God, Rod Garcia knew her personally), students (MIT guys were in Moscow during Study Tour and I had a chance to convert them; one of them wrote a letter for me)
On April,15th I had the interview in Frankfurt and felt that everything was OK this time. And yesterday I finally got my Congratulations letter.

I’m a bit shocked and can’t believe that this marathon of admission (2 years, you know) is going to finish. I realize also how many problems I have to solve: credit, visa, housing, etc.

BUT FIRST OF ALL, thank you, coach… You were the person who cut all shit from my stories. You made me focused on top. And altho I didn’t get result from H and W, I’m in at MIT. This year, I suppose, it is more than perfect result. Hope, that someday I’ll be so useful for you. As soon as I arrive to Boston I pay for a dinner with you. Don’t mind