I highly recommend that you work with Sandy

I can say without a doubt that without the help of Sandy before the biggest interview of my life, I would not have been offered a spot at HBS. I did a mock interview with him before doing any prep and he ripped me a new one in the nicest way possible. He allowed me to realize that my approach was soooooo wrong (I was giving way too much context in all my responses) and that I had some serious research to do (I didnt know enough about my own industry, embarrassingly enough).  Rather than just criticize all that I was doing wrong though, Sandy helped me out tremendously by giving me genuine responses ­that were tailored to my background and interests­ that I could use in my real interview. I used what I learned from Sandy as a foundation for my interview prep and in my real interview with HBS and it obviously worked because I got accepted. If I hadn’t done a mock interview with him initially I wouldve prepped in all the wrong ways and said all the wrong things. If you dont want this to happen to you and you want to do well in your interview with HBS, I highly recommend that you work with Sandy.