I am another 100% satisfied customer of Sandy’s

Stats: 740 GMAT, 3.4 GPA in Engineering, 3 years IB, 3 years running my own business. In at Stanford, Harvard, Wharton.

Sandy is focused, blunt, and up front. I worked with him from September to November for first rounds apps. I’m the first to admit that Sandy is not the type to stroke your ego. After my “I’ll do anything to get into Stanford” speech, Sandy gave me a reality check. He told me to retake the GMAT (former score 680) which I did while we worked on the many drafts of my essay. It was not a pretty sight, pages of writing I thought were outstanding were deleted, topics reworked, everything was moved around. I wished I had started working with him earlier (it didn’t help that Stanford changed its essay topics this year). But I ended up with these essays that were amazing. And those essays got me into Stanford, Wharton, and Harvard.

I am a big fan of Sandy’s and highly recommend him to those who are willing to put forth the effort and time to work with Sandy… you need both sides to work well together in order for the magic to work. If anyone has any questions or wants to learn more about my work with Sandy, please feel free to email me at gmat_materials@hotmail.com.