Got into HBS!!! The only school I ever wanted to go to and all THANKS to you!!


 I am so glad that I got to know about you through some close friends who used your service previously and were ALL successful. Your guidance and support through the process was invaluable. 

The best part about you was how brutally HONEST you were while reviewing the application. You told me exactly when I was wrong, you did not shy away from scolding me when even the nth iteration did not seem to work quite well, you identified my strengths and weaknesses so well in just the first call that we had! I have heard of experiences of my friends who have worked with other consultants and I am SO SO glad that I found you!  You told me frankly what you felt was lacking in my profile for a certain school, not only that – when I felt under-confident ( for my age was higher than median for HBS or factor y), you assured me that you were confident that I would get through.  Unlike many others, you never pushed me to apply to multiple schools just because you could have made more money! You are very genuine and the quality of your work is beyond professional! It is exceptional.

. You are undoubtedly the BEST guide for MBA applications! I feel so relieved and fortunate to get in and I hope I can do justice to this great institution in the years to come.  Would love to meet you in Cambridge for a coffee and witness some of that dry sense of humor in person.