Got in HBS, MIT and Darden


I just found out a few days ago. Sorry I have not written yet. I had an interview and got in HBS!! I also got in MIT and Darden. Those are the only ones I heard from.

Thank you very much for all your help. I am really excited!!

II. the best things were

SK’s encouragement

I think SK’a honesty and direct comments were useful. I prefer that someone is harsh and honest than someone who makes me feel good. I appreciated his ideas greatly as well.

Best things SK did for my essays:

Good ideas, know what schools really ask for and guides you in positioning.

V. Based on my stats, my outcome at top choice school was

normal, but glad I used SK. My stats were on par with the average students, however, using SK gave me assurance, improvement in the content of my essays, and good insight to how to position myself.

1- If you need improvement in the content of your essays.
2-If you do not think you have great stories and need to talk about it in depth with someone
3- If you need assurance and one last approval to their application by someone who knows and understand the process very well.