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Hey, Sandy, I am not applying to HBS.

We of course work with candidates to other schools--esp. Stanford, Wharton, Sloan, Mich, Chicago, Kellogg, Columbia and NYU. Sorry, no free offer for those essays. We got too jammed up keeping our 24 hour "free offer" turnaround promise [99 percent on time, btw, for our free offer]--now aren't you sorry you missed it. What to do?? Well, call us, get us in a good mood, and maybe read one of those over the phone, esp. a shorter one.

Harvard, Stanford, Wharton

We help many candidates gain admission to Harvard, Stanford and Wharton each year, and over the past 15 years and we know what it takes. If you are seriously in the running, working with us is the single best decision you can make. If you are a long shot and it is your dream to attend Harvard, Stanford or Wharton, and you want to throw a "Hail Mary" pass, we will help you do that too. We will do the same analysis for applicants to Sloan, Kellogg, Tuck, Anderson, Columbia or any of the 15 "Top 10" schools.


How much does this cost?

The one essay appraisal is free--it's a no brainer, no salesman will call, etc. So just DO THAT NOW.

After that, check out our prices and services list

What happens if I want to go ahead?

We spend time on the phone in the early stages, doping out your career, mapping out a strategy, talking about the issues raised in your essays. We can also help you decide which business school is best for you and what your chances are, but most of clients already have a pretty good idea about that. So the early conversations are a cross between career counseling and therapy. Sometimes the draft essays are a good basis for the final essays, sometimes we start from scratch. At some point, we mostly deal with each other by e-mail, but some people prefer the phone.

How long does it take me [the applicant] to write a "maxed" out set of essays?

It depends of course--but figure on this being a BIG and MAJOR task. For the first set of essays, where you are mapping out the key approaches, and brainstorming, and discarding a lot of material, one set of essays can take YOU 15-25 hours of work, and frequently more.

One advantage of working with a writing coach is that the coach can DRIVE you to spend that amount of time. It is similar to having a personal trainer. In theory you could do those extra sit-ups yourself. But do you?

Don't be fooled about how long this process takes from friends who are already in business school. Writers often "disremember" about the writing process. Your friends who got into A-level business school last year might tell you "Oh, I did the application while tipsy the night before it was due," or "I don't really remember writing the essays, I was preparing for my wedding." Next year, you can tell the same story. For this year, however, I would advise working really hard and budgeting serious time for this task. The payoff per hour spent now over the course of your life for admission to the best business school you have "in" you is gigantic--in fact, there will be few times in your later career when hard work delivers a payoff with similar multiples.


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